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The "hi2u 4 a creative future" is on going expansion for the "hi2u 4 people with hidden impairments".  So the terms and conditions of use / disclaimer for the "hi2u 4 people with hidden impairments" also apply to the "hi2u 4 a creative future" at: www.hi2u.net   these terms and conditions also apply to any other sites within the "hi2u 4 a creative future" and "hi2u 4 people with hidden impairments framework.  These conditions are as follows.

The "hi2u 4 people with hidden impairments" web site. Started because I have difficulties organising and remembering information. Before this web site I would use html pages with hyper links to try and organise my information. Then a friend kept saying I should put one of these sites up on the internet for everyone to see.

That's how the "hi2u 4 people with hidden impairments" web site started. Well almost. It's also a joint venture with my son Chris. It encourages him to develop his drawing skills, plus it is a project where we can work together as he is not presently attending school.

However, we are not professionals and while we are happy to share the use of this web site with you, we don't have the resources to ensure all the information provided is accurate, reliable, or genuine. The information is, maybe what we have found, what visitors have provided us with, or from some other source.

Therefore you must make your own arrangements to check any information that you find on the "hi2u 4 people with hidden impairments" web site, is genuine and suitable for your use or anyone you intend passing the information on to.

You can only use this site providing you will not be seeking compensation from myself, Chris, any volunteers or any other parties who have contributed to the resources and information to this site. Should you be passing information from this site to other parties you must inform these parties about this "terms and conditions / disclaimer. They must also be willing to accept these terms and conditions before using information that came from this web site.

You must also agree not to take information from this site to copy or reproduce in any format that would infringe copyright of any information or art work found on this site.

I have a significant dyslexia difficulty that may contribute to making mistakes on this site. Therefore this is an added reason for insuring you check information found on this site is appropriate for your use. Any articles I have written about medical conditions are purely from my own personal experiences that I collected while moving forward in life. I share these with you just in case they are of interest. They do not represent medical facts to provide you with answers for moving forward. So if something here looks like providing an answer to your difficulties please ensure you check this out thoroughly with professionals and other experts before you move forward using information found on this site.

If you find any information that you think his wrong, not accurate, not genuine, or could cause danger to visitors please will you inform me by E-mail as soon as possible. However when it comes to use of drugs I don't wish to get this site caught up in the argument whether Ritalin and similar medication is or not dangerous for people to use. Myself and my son uses Ritalin we have made this decision. By looking at information available the difficulties with using Ritalin and the benefits that we believe we can gain using Ritalin. Then we with our consultant have decided to use this medication. There maybe a danger that could present itself in years to come. However crossing the road also provides a danger however it's probably provides some benefit to us or we probably wouldn't be wanting to cross this road. I say this because I will not have time for people continuing to knock the use of Ritalin possibly due to their prejudice.

However if you have information of alternative treatments or have some sensible caution notes that could be useful. I'm happy to see if these can fit in, in a constructive format for this web site. After saying this please ensure that you are not knocking the use of Ritalin as that is upsetting many people. Maybe some would see this as discrimination towards them. I do not like the use of terms like "kids on pills" or "kids on Ritalin are Zombies" that are often used by media and others voicing against the use of medication like Ritalin. This type of terminology is only causing pain to many and doesn't provide any benefit in my eyes. Therefore for those of you wanting to provide constructive alternatives and useful notes for people using or planning to use Ritalin or similar types of medication. Please use pleasant terminology and don't try to cause pain to others who have chosen to use a different route.

The terms and conditions for use along with disclaimer here will be updated as I gain knowledge to provide better details. I'm hoping that people will understand that I'm trying to provide support and awareness for people with hidden impairments also known as invisible disabilities with this web site. However I'm not a medical expert nor am I from the legal profession. I'm a disabled person period, and therefore I'm trying to contribute what I can with that which I have! There may well the many blunders on this site and therefore asked you to check information carefully like you should be doing with all web sites.

Take "care", Andy
I use voice recognition software there maybe mistakes!

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