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For some reason or another many people are feeling that they are somewhat different! Why? There are many reasons perhaps they have a disability or a medical condition! May be they are gay or lesbian! Perhaps they have a different culture to the rest of the community they live in! Maybe they are very tall or very short! Very large or very small! Perhaps they have an unusual hobby! Then again maybe they just feel different!

Sometimes people who are different can feel that other members of society don't like them! Some members of society can be extremely cruel to people who have differences.

This is very sad because many people with differences can have extremely good skills that society needs. Artists, actors, inventors, and many other skills that is very often found in those people who are different! Our history books are full of famous people who have made enormous contributions to society and yes they are people with differences. So why are people so cruel to people who are different? Well that question is somewhat hard to imagine why!

However I'm hoping to use this site to create awareness of people with differences having skills that society needs. Secondly I am also hoping to provide resources that can help people with differences have the opportunity to feel part of Society along with improving their opportunities to make their contributions to Society.

Why is this site needed! Well while the history books may be full of very successful people with differences. There are many who are finding that it isn't easy being different and life can be a nightmare at times for them. So the mission of this site is to provide help and support to try and end nightmares that many people have who feel they are different in some way.

In short I would very much like to see all members of society feeling that they are part of society and hope this site can make a contribution towards achieving this.

How do I propose doing this? At present I have no clear vision however I'm hoping you will help me and together we will create an image to overcome these difficulties.

In fact I think we have already started to do this with your support in reading this! Many thanks for your interest and hope this builds into something useful for gaining access for the mission of this site.

Take lots of care,

With Warmest Wishes


Saturday, 08 June 2002





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