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You can submit your web site to be evaluated for suitability to be placed on the "hi2u 4 people with hidden impairments" or the "hi2u 4 a creative future" web sites. All sites submitted on this form must be family friendly and not cause discrimination towards any members of our societies. If you believe your site fulfils these requirements and you think your site will make a valuable contribution to one of our sites. Then please fill in the form below and click the submit button.


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There is much work in building a web site and spreading the news to those who may appreciate visiting the site. I have many requests from other web site owners requested links which I have done! However they have not linked back to my site/sites. While I haven't requested a link back in the past I'm beginning to feel doubtful about this within the future. Surely if you feel that the hi2u site is valuable enough to request a link to your site. It's valuable enough to link back. Let's work together with linking and supporting each others sites.

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