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 hi2u 4 A Creative Future

This web site is just starting to be created however you can see an example of our creativity by visiting our award winning site.
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hi2u 4 people with hidden impairments.
Supporting and creating better awareness
for disabled people with hidden impairments
also known as invisible disabilities.


 A new site.

Chris's world

This site is designed and built by Chris.  Chris started writing this site last year when he was 13.  The amazing site has been built using no html editor.  Just using Notepad and Chris's knowledge of html.  Lots of animations and other interesting stuff!  Why not take a look?


 Please assume all information on this site is copyright and cannot be used without permission.  If material can be used on this site there will probably be details of how this material can be used.

This site is working hard to be a family friendly site!

Web designer Andy Hayes
 Many site drawings by Chris Hayes